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We democratize personalized and context-aware communication

Iconos VOR Retail Reduced

Know your customers better and provide an outstanding customer experience by communicating personally with each individual customer at the right time and in the right place.


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Iconos VOR Professional reduced

Be a better manager and give your people the right tool to be informed. Get relevant insights from user’s behavior and improve your efficiency.


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Context-aware messages are 10x more likely to be effective


One app

Our solution is based on one App “OnSpot” for both Android and iOS. It is an intelligent App that recognized the venue the user is at and acquires the look & feel and logo of the client. That way the client’s brand is always present.

Personalized & context-aware communication

Communicate with visitors by sending content according to their preferences and their position in the venue. Content can be pushed in the form of photos, videos, text, webpages, surveys and more.

Get insights and connect emotionally

App users can interact with content as they receive it. They can “like” and “share”content or save and redeem discount coupons received. All interactions are saved and stored in order to better understand users’ preferences. In-venue tracking of each individual user is also important to understand users’ behavior.

Provide a better experience

Nowadays it’s all about experience and emotions. We provide a tool that will not only benefit our clients but will make users live an outstanding experience while they visit OnSpot friendly areas.

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